Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We did it! Sunday afternoon Jon, myself, and our friend Alex packed up our swim suits and headed to my parents' in Waterford for an afternoon of paddleboard fun.

In the paddleboard industry, lakes and rivers are known as "flat water," Eric explained, meaning there are no waves, but none of the boards out of California are made for that. "So we’ve introduced flat water specific boards," he said.

Before I could even get my suit on, the boys were in, or rather, on, the water, paddling like pros. Getting on and balancing were way easier than I expected — I had anticipated a lot more splashing around in the cold lake. Maybe it's because we have some experience balancing on things in the water, but we basically just walked onto the boards and paddled out.

The Zecks brought four boards for  us to try — one wide "recreational" board and two narrow, sportier boards, all of which they'd made for a summer camp (read: extra durable), as well as one new, shiny one they'd just finished over the weekend. The boards are made of epoxy and fiberglass.

Here are the paddles we used.

I tried the wide board first, and it was a blast! It was relaxing gliding across the calm water, but it felt a bit more adventurous than canoeing or kayaking, since there was always a chance that a misstep would send me tumbling into the cold water! Overall I felt pretty secure though — like an ancient Hawaiian, on a mission to spear some fish or swim with wales.

The narrow board was a lot of fun too — faster and easier to navigate than the large one, but a little bit more challenging to keep balanced.

Jon and Alex tried doubling up on the wide board, and miraculously ...

managed to stay dry!

Even my parents gave the boards a go, wearing sweatshirts and shoes, and didn't get wet.


Even Max, the Zeck's Yorkie, likes paddleboarding!

You can feel good about buying a board from Dan and Eric, because they're not only locally manufactured, but are made almost entirely with Michigan materials.

"I really just tried to source every single product we manufacture in state, and if not in state, in the U.S.," Eric said.

Here's Eric showing Jon his wakeskate.

Dan (right) and my Dad checking out the newest board.

For more information or to purchase a board, contact Dan at

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